Refund Policy

Licensing Packages Refund

• Primary Assessment Packages – Submitted documents will be verified in accordance with the guidelines of the respective Health Authority. SEHAT will preview and inform the eligibility of proceeding further with your application.

• License Packages – All documents are submitted to the respective Health Authority(ies). The Dataflow valuation and Exam registration is subject to various factors including the regulatory authority discretion.

• Payments for packages are NON-REFUNDABLE in any circumstances unless purchased by error. Please review all documentation and advice provided (on the relevant Health Authority websites) prior to proceeding with your payment(s).

Terms of Agreement

• SEHAT is not responsible for any incomplete documentation from the applicant side.

• SEHAT is not responsible of delay on the application due the following reasons:
i. License Title not matching the experience letters/certificates
ii. Lack of clarity in documentation
iii. Non-recognized documents/certificates from the Health regulatory.
iv. Forged/False information

• SEHAT Package includes
i. Verification of Educational Documents
ii. Verification of Health License Documents
iii. Verification of Experience Letters/Certificates as per the respective Health Regulation PQR.
iv. Additional Educational Qualification(s) can be verified as per requirement at an additional cost of AED 300 per qualification.

• SEHAT is not responsible for any change in Fee from the Health Authority during the course of processing of your application. The Applicant will have to bear the cost of the difference in cost.

• For Healthcare Professionals who have provided false information and hence resulted in application been rejected, No Refund of the Package Fee will be given back

• SEHAT is not liable for any downgrade of License based on assessment of Application by the respective Health Authority Regulatory Committee. (E.g. Consultant to Specialist)
Payment Confirmation

• Upon submission of your documentation, you will receive confirmation acknowledgement via email within 24 hours.

All Refunds will be processed via Original Mode of Payment.

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