The Ministry of Health and Prevention has in place guidelines for marketing and trading in medical products in the UAE.

The guidelines codifies the standards that govern the relationship between medical product companies or their representatives with health-care professionals, to develop health-care practices and benefit patients.

It also regulates the implementation of all marketing activities of medical products in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct, while adhering to appropriate procedures to ensure compliance with this system and other applicable rules of conduct.

The scope of application covers all institutions involved in the marketing of medical products in the UAE — local agents, marketing consultants, health-care providers including hospitals, health centres, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and pharmacists, among others.

The guidelines helps regulate the circulation of pharmaceutical products so as to protect public health, identify and analyse the challenges and changes within legal frameworks governing the trading in pharmaceutical products as well as coordinate with bodies concerned to ensure the response to the national needs, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the medical sector to keep pace with global best practices.


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